Welcome to CC Wolfe’s Pagan Pages!

For any of you that may have visited this website in the past 16 years, you will notice some major changes. For starters, the name, it used to be The Path of Shewolf. The site went down for a few months and tons upon tons, yeah, sixteen years’ worth of compiled information has been lost sadly. It will take time to get even a portion of the information back up.  Secondly, I went by the name of Shewolf Silver Shadows, which is still part of my spirit; however, I now try to consistently use my pen name of CC Wolfe.

I have worked for weeks now to get a small portion of the
information back on here.

My spirituality has evolved over the years, as is apt to happen
when you learn and grow.  As you notice, the new name,
CC Wolfe’s Pagan Pages, the term Pagan encompasses
a wide range of information.  You will also notice that after acquiring
my second degree, a Bachelor of Science in education, that
my grammar has also improved dramatically. (The only complaint
ever about my book Shadows of a Witch, for the Witch that Seeks
Balance and Truth.) I hope you will enjoy the information that I am
able to get back on here. Please remember, as previously and as
of now, I will still state that even after thirty years of study and
practice I do not claim to know it all, nor do I claim that my
way is the only or best way. The information I provide on these
pages is meant as a guide, as a learning tool.  You will also discover
that this is not an all fluffy Wiccan site, but contains information on
Traditional Witchcraft as well as the religion of Wicca and other
Pagan paths.

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