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I will list three of my books below. Two under my spirit name of Sheowlf Silver Shadows and one under my pen name of CC Wolfe.

Shadows of a Witch, for the Witch that Seeks Balance and Truth.

Shadows of a Witch is a book different from the many other pagan and occult books out there. This book may help you discover truths that have only been hinted at, alluded to, or fully ignored by many other pagan books out there. Come uncover the truths about Wicca, and Witchcraft if you dare. This book is also a guide to becoming a balanced modern Witch in today’s world. Come step inside my world and discover the Shadows of a Witch. Would you like to discover truths about things such as:

Shadows of a Witch reveals much that has not been reveled before. Come unveil the truths within the Shadows.

I initially started writing this book probably in the late 1990’s.  More so, it was my own book of shadows that I hoped to pass down one day. With the boom of the internet and a surge of information I discovered that there was a lot of information on Wicca online. However, I grew up with Witchcraft and did not find Wicca until my late teens!  What I was seeing online and in books on Wicca was that there was no differentiating between Wicca and Witchcraft! Don’t get me wrong, I love both, know both, have studied and practiced both, but they are NOT one and the same! And so, I felt compelled to get some solid information, from a practicing witch, myself, and several of my fellow practitioners of both Wicca and Witchcraft.

So what you will find in this work is some basic truths about Witchcraft and Wicca, not steeped in mysticism or bullshit, just solid educational information from myself and from several friends that contributed as well. If you are looking for fluffy fru fru, you won’t find it in my book. I share in this book many if not most of the very same things I have taught my students over the years!

Don’t take my word for it though, read the reviews on amazon and lulu! And I shared one review below.

The only complaint I have on the book is that it could have used a professional edit. Granted, I am a Scorpio by heart and nature and when we are ready to do something we want it done yesterday!  So, I let the book be published by the publisher without a professional edit. Later I took the rights back to my book and it was published by someone whom I thought was a friend. She literally took much of the information in my book, put into her own words and published her own book! Well, I guess the important thing is the information in my book is out there twice now lol! Anyway, after that I self-published the book and retained all rights to it! Just easier that way.

Since initially writing this book, I have gained a Bachelor Degree of Science and my grammar has only improved. Is it perfect, heck no, because I am not! I am a southerner, I live in the Bible belt, lol, but I have a colloquial manner of speaking, southern!  The book is presented in a manner as if I were speaking to one of my students. I don’t try to make its language mysterious or too advanced in terms for only someone with a college education, but instead for anyone.  Actually all of my works are presented in this type of manner, just as is my website.

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Shadows of a Witch, for the Witch that Seeks Balance and Truth

Copyright: Copyright by Shewolf Silver Shadows 2003/2008 (Standard Copyright License)
Edition:1st Edition
Published: October 2011
Language: English
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          Original Cover 2002                    Actually the third cover                  Present Cover

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Book Review:

By Mab Apr 17, 2009
"Amazing book!" Originally posted on Witchgrove It was with some trepidation that I actually sat down to read 'Shadows of a Witch', simply because this was a book written by a friend. I am too used to reading books on pagan subjects critically and I knew that I would naturally be logging the strengths and weaknesses of Shewolf's book - a practice complicated by the fact that if I hated it, I would still have to face her in the morning. I needn't have worried. A mere flicking through it turned into reading the first 80 pages straight off. It is simply the most refreshing introduction to witchcraft and paganism that I have read in a long time. I was genuinely powerfully impressed. Though at times, Shewolf's writing style is a little flowery for my tastes, it does read as a warm and friendly, and, above all, practical, guide to our Craft. She doesn't pull her punches and she isn't afraid to deviate from the party line, in order to state when facts are not only not proven, but also very unlikely to have been real in the first place. Even more importantly, she emphasizes time and time again that these are her views, and that the Path is only truly followed when one is making up their own mind. This is an attribute which is sadly missing from much of pagan literature, in my experience. Shewolf also presents a guide to pagan traditions, of which she is not a practitioner, with respect and extensive research. There is a family atmosphere to the book, wherein she quotes contemporary witches, unknown outside our circles, thus extinguishing the general need to be supported by the 'big names' in witchcraft and Wicca. She also uses sources from the wider world of academia and paganism. As a born academic, I would have liked to have seen an extensive bibliography of her sources, and footnotes, as this does render it difficult to verify challenged facts. It may be argued that Shewolf Silver Shadows is not writing for academics and, for her target audience, the reading lists sprinkled throughout the book are quite adequate. The typos and spelling mistakes - and in one instance, a paragraph cut off in its prime - are jarring, but no doubt these will be rectified in its second edition. Previously, my stock response to newbies, wanting a good book to read, was 'Hedge Witch' by Rae Beth or 'A Witch Alone' by Marion Green. I will now add 'Shadows of a Witch' by Shewolf Silver Shadows. It is an amazing source for newbies and, for oldies, it raises some interesting issues that would pay to be addressed. An excellent all round reference book. Reviewer: Mab

Discovering The Basics of Magic - A Primer in Candle Magic

Discovering the basics of magic is quite a simple undertaking. It is trying to uncover the more complex facets of magic that takes lifetimes to learn! As your guide via this book, I will not tell you what or what not to do; nor will I tell you that you must without a doubt do it my way, to be correct in your workings. What I will do, as with any of my other books and the classes I have taught, is to guide you, give you the basics and concepts; a foundation to build upon.  This book is the product of a Candle Magic class I have taught. Inside you will find much –

1. You will have the chapter or grouping of chapters that will serve as a class lecture.
2. You will have a quiz on that chapter
3. Some chapters will provide actual hands on tasks for you. 
4. There will be a final test.

Come discover a world of magic and more! Do you know what supportive magic is? Do you know what personal magic is? Come and learn in an easy to understand format, about the basics of magic.

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Copyright: Shewolf Silver Shadows (Standard Copyright License)
Publisher: Shewolf Silver Shadows
Published: July 31, 2006
Language: English
Binding: Perfect-bound
Paperback: Interior InkBlack & white
Weight: 0.61 lbs.
Dimensions: (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall

Discovering The Basics of Magic - A Primer in Candle Magic

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Blood and Magic - Sensual Erotica from the Dark Side, Vampire Sex

Paranormal Erotica Romance -- 18 and older

Come and experience Sensual Erotica from the Dark Side. Discover the hot sensuality of Devin, a purely erotic vampire male that knows how to satisfy any lover, male or female beyond their wildest wet dreams. He also knows how to protect his kind from those that would harm them. Can anyone truly tame Devin? Maybe it will take a witch that can put him under her spell? If only he can make the soul connection, because the little hot witch is not up for just a roll in the hay, she wants the real deal or nothing at all. See who saves whom in this intriguing tale. Find the steamy answers in this sultry tale and discover what vampire sex is all about. Discover if real love can span lifetimes and survive even death!

Product Details
Copyright: CC Wolfe (Standard Copyright License)
Edition:Second Edition
Publisher: CC Wolfe
Published: March 16, 2016
Interior: Ink Black & whiteWeight 0.31 lbs.
Dimensions (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall

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