Cleansing and
Consecrating Tools/Items

When you purchase a tool you need to clean it, and make it your own, bottom line. You may wonder why a brand new tool needs to be cleaned, well the facts is that in this present day and age the tools that you purchase and even the things you may purchase to make your own tools with have been touched by those that have made them first. Those that package them, those that shipped them from the place of making to the place to be sold have touched them.   Truth is many different people touch them along their journey before you purchased them and through this touching the presence or energies of others have been influencing the object from point A to point B to YOU. All of this handling leaves residual energy from each person. These residual energies need to be cleaned off. The object to be used in a ritual or magical manner needs to be clean of all other influences! Yes, this is mainly a Wiccan concept, however as a trad Witch, I wholly agree with cleansing!  Witches of old were wise enough to not let others handle their tools.  Remember in the old days, more people grew their own herbs, and crafted their own tools so other people handling them were not such an issue as today.

So, how do you clean these tools?

Different methods for different items because some methods might not be good for the make-up of the tool, meaning I can wash a crystal or stone, but I might not want to  wash a brand new book of shadows under water! 

Within the religion of Wicca cleansing rituals and consecrating rituals can be pretty elaborate as within the practice of Witchcraft. The bet thing I can tell you is do what feels right and bet to you. If you like a well laid out ritual, then do one! However, if you are like me, earthy, and like to keep it simple, then I will share a few of the personal methods I use to cleanse my own items with you here.


Sunlight and moonlight are two main ways I
choose to spiritually clean my tools or trinkets.
However, I am a water sign and so I love runnin
g water, streams, creeks , rivers and rain too! But
for now, how do you spiritually cleans something
with the sun or the moon? Very simple, you just
lay the object in a window or outside for several
days so that the sunlight will fall upon it as will the
moonlight. Nature cleansing all things over time;
I like to do this near the full moon, about three
days before and I also like to let the item in place
where it will not be disturbed for about six days.
Three days before the full moon, and about two
or three after the full moon… could be up to seven
days.  Add to it that the sunlight will also fall
upon it for these days it is a double whammy of
cleansing. If it rains out and the item is actually
outside, all the better as long as water will not break
down the item. 

So, what if you don’t have several days to leave the object out in the sun and moon light? Or you don’t have the freedom to leave your objects out for fear of others finding them, what do you do then?  Well, there are other quick ways to cleans objects. As I said there are plenty of elaborate rituals that you can find and many of the already printed Wiccan books out there, I am a simple Witch and I like simple down to earth cleansings.

Cleaning with Air

To cleanse something with air, things like silks or things with furor feathers that just cannot be washed; I like to use the element of air. I do this with incense: I like the stick incense it I easy to hold, or sage, stems of sage not the ground up stuff. I hold the object to be cleansed and I pass the incense or sage all over and around the object. I make sure that the smoke has covered the entire item as thoroughly as I can. All the while thinking how the smoke is on, over, a part of the object and as it flows away so do the negative energies and attachments. Now it is ready for use or consecrating. Simple huh.

Cleansing with Earth

Cleansing with earth is another one of my favorites. I like to use the earth for things like my rocks, crystals and clay or metal objects, even for some jewelry.  I like to bury the items in the actual earth. If you live in a place where you just cannot bury something in dirt or like me from time to time, don’t want to wind up losing a piece of jewelry, I will use a pot of dirt, or one of my indoor plants. I recommend this only for small things, I don’t want too much energy to harm the plant.  Once buried, just leave it overnight and the next day it is ready to be used or consecrated. Again, simple huh:)

Cleansing with Fire

Cleansing by fire, well I have to admit I do not use this one, I have never actually felt compelled to use fire to cleanse something. There is not a lot you can pass through fire. However, fire is very cleansing, but also can be very destructive. If you want to use fire, be careful and be quick. Just pass the item through the fire and let it cool. It will be ready to use or consecrate.

Cleansing by Water

Cleansing by water is another favorite of mine. I love water, love the feel and smell and taste of it. If you have access to a creek or river or pond then you can cleanse almost anything. Rocks and crystals, some clothe, jewelry, metals, you name it. Simply place the item in a cloth bag and tie it closed. Lay the bag in the water and leave it there for about ten minutes or so. Take the item out of the water and dry or let air dry. It is ready to use or consecrate.

If you don’t have access to a creek or natural water, you can use running faucet water. I will simply stand holding the object in my projective hand and turn on the cold water in the faucet and let it run gently over the object for several moments while I visualize the negativity flowing away and down the drain and back to the earth.

Once you are used to cleansing items you will be able to feel when they are clean or in need of cleansing again.

Remember, many items need to be cleansed even if you are the only one to use them. Crystals and other stones often need to be rinsed. I do recommend that you do not let others use your tools or even handle them. If you have a partner, then the tow of you can share, but if you don’t have to, don’t.

Consecrating Tools

The purpose of Consecrating Tools and other objects is to purify them and dedicate them for ritual and magical use only. In time these tools will be infused with your own personal energies. As I said it is best to not allow anyone else to handle your ritual tools.

It is a Wiccan belief that on no account are the tools and objects that have been consecrated for ritual or magic to be used for mundane use unless they are first deconsecrated and removed from ritual use. I have to say that this is, to me, an interesting concept considering that many Witches of old had and used only mundane tools for mundane purposes as well as things more witchy in intent. And why in the world would you need to deconsecrate something?  Don’t folks believe that the Gods and Goddesses are smart enough to know that you are no longer using something for ritual or magic? I guess that would be up to the individual to decide, not me.

So, how do you consecrate tools?

As I have stated I am a simple Witch, and I don’t like losing things in elobrate ritual when simple works well. And there are many elaborate rituals to consecrate your items out there. Below is very basic, to the point, reverent and simple.

Remember to consecrate means: to make or declare sacred; set apart or dedicate to the service of a deity or deities.

Find your quarters, North, South, East and West…
if you want, you can set up a candle in each of these
directions. You may color correspond if you choose,
Green for North or Earth, Red for South, or Fie,
Yellow/white for East or Air, and Blue for West,
and water. Or you could set up Dirt for North,
a Candle for South and fire, Incense for East and Air,
and a bowl of Water for West and Water. Simple.

Take the tool or item you wish to consecrate and
simply state to all four quarter that you consecrate
said tool/item in the name of the God and Goddess,
or Lord and Lady or a deity of your connective choice
for ritual/magical use.

Example: I, (fill in your name or spirit name) consecrate this (fill in tool or item) in the name of the Lady and Lord by… earth, air, fire and water (each individually). As I will, so mote/will it be.
Hope this helps, remember to do what feels comfortable, right and reverent to you! This is my way, not the only way!

I am working, as time allows, to get this site back to the former glory it was... might never happen honestly, 16 years of info! :(

Warm blessings,
CC Wolfe

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