I am an intuitive reader, meaning, for the most I prefer to use my own natural abilities. I do and will still provide Tarot readings, but the reading I am most connected with is Past Life. And actually, I prefer to call them Past Life Viewings over readings. Why? Because when I am doing a past life reading, more often than not, it is a viewing of that past life... with sounds, and smells and all! Yeah, kind of freaked me out a little at first, but over the years I have gotten used to it, and for the most, enjoy it.

Let me tell you right now, no reader, and I mean NO READER is perfect! There are a lot of things that could change a reading in the blink of an eye from what was to what is! But just because we are not perfect does not mean that some of us don’t hit the nail pretty firmly on the head more often than not.

I do offer from time to time to do readings. I can be found on Kasamba, for years now, as Shewolf Silver Shadows. There is actually too much bogus crap on there that I quit doing them other than for friends, and at book signings! I have over the past two decades provided Tarot, Rune and Past Life readings. 

For now, if you are seriously interested, then take the time to find me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter and message me privately.

I have been known to do free readings when I feel the need suits the situation. However, to be honest to prevent from being abused as a reader my list price follows:

Three card Tarot Reading

Celtic Spread Tarot Reading

Past Life Reading/Viewing

If you are interested in a reading please visit my Inutitive Awareness website and book your reading.

Or join my Intuitive Awareness Facebook page, I give two free readings away most days.

I am working, as time allows, to get this site back the former glory it was... might never happen honestly, 16 years of info! :(

Warm blessings,
CC Wolfe

Please feel free to find me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by my site!

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