Advice to New and Old alike!
First shared in 2005

PLEASE share as much as you want!!!

Be Safe, Be Smart, and Be Well!!!

Look, if you don't read anything else on this site - please read this whole page.

I want to share a little advice with those of you that are seeking to find "Other's" out there on this wonderful World Wide Web. Other Witches or "Otherkin"... You have to remember that there are truly some psycho's and sick-o's out there. There are people that will lie, cheat, steal, cause physical harm such as rape, brutal beatings, theft and worse!!!

When it comes to trying to meet someone of like mind on the Internet PLEASE, Be SAFE, Be SMART, and you will Be WELL.

Don't get me wrong, there are good people out there, honest people, and ones that probably could, and would, if nothing else, provide some answers for you - but you have to be careful use common sense!!!

Violent crimes happen every minuet, that is a FACT, please don't become a statistic simply because you WANTED TO KNOW MORE!!!

You should NEVER give your your name or phone number or address to just anyone, actually, I would recommend that you don't give it out to ANYONE at all.

If you do get to a place and point with someone that you feel comfortable with them and you JUST HAVE TO MEET... then PLEASE...make sure that the first SEVERAL times you do meet that it is a very public place... lots of people around... and that SOME ONE knows where you are going and why... I can not stress this enough. And note that I said meet the first SEVERAL times in a public place. ANY idiot can pretend to be a wonderful, honest and caring person for a use common sense, and do not put yourself in a position that could cost you your dignity, or more...your life!

Things that you should be weary of...

1. Anyone that claims they can teach you everything you need to know about Witchcraft. Hon, honestly, I have been practicing for over twenty years(over thirty now), I was born into the craft, grew up with it even when I was not practicing I was exposed to it, but I STILL do not know everything, and don't claim to know everything, and I know that when I teach I make sure they know I am providing them with a foundation...a starting place...not the whole kit and caboodle! So be leery of someone that claims they know it all! It is just not possible to know it all, to learn it all... even after several lives, we just don't... know it all!

2. If someone ask you to come join their coven, but you HAVE to practice skyclad(naked) forget it...You should NEVER have to do anything you feel uncomfortable with or that you just do not want to do...for ANY REASON!

3. If someone tells you that you must do drugs, or alcohol....forget it...again you should NEVER have to do anything that could impair your own good judgement, or something that you just don't want to do.

4. If you find a coven and you become part of it...if the High Priest (HP) or High Priestess claim that you must perform any kind of sexual acts...piss on them, you should...again...NEVER have to do anything you do not wish to do. Yes there is sex in witchcraft...but most often it is carried out by couples that have been together previous to joining a coven. Also Sex...PLEASE use your brain...there are things like HIV, HERPES, and even HIV that can eventually kill you, is it worth it...the risk you could do to yourself by having unprotected or group sex? Well that is up to you, but hon...not in my book. I value my body and my life more then that.

5. If someone is telling you that you have to wait a year and a day to be a have most likely found the religion called WICCA, beautiful, and wonderful as it it...waiting a year and a day does not make you any more or less a Witch, it is the value of the lessons you learn, the balance you find, and flat out a skill that ANYONE and EVERYONE possesses! I do admit that the year and a day does have it's foundation and reasoning, but it is not of is Wicca.

Please, be safe, use your common sense!!! (CC. Wolfe/Shewolf Silver Shadows 2005-2016)

I am working, as time allows, to get this site back to the former glory it was... might never happen honestly, 16 years of info! :(

Warm blessings,
CC Wolfe

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