Warm Greetings

Witchcraft is an amazing path to travel upon, with its many shadows and lessons of light and dark, good and bad, weak and strong it offers the spirit and the Witch a great deal. There is much to learn, and always much more to the learning than meets the eye.

Welcome to my site, you have discovered the web site of Shewolf Silver Shadows. I am an artist, an author and most of all a mother, but I am not a web designer by trade or by education. I have taught myself how to work with site building and so my site may not be as beautiful or as fancy or as professional as others, but it does contain what I believe to be valuable and somewhat unique information if you take the time to browse my pages.

If you are one of the lucky ones that has a copy of my book, Shadows of a Witch, For the Witch that Seeks Balance and Truth, then you may notice that some of the information here is actually from that or one of my other books. All the information here is copyrighted but I do not mind if you use it for personal and not for profit purposes such as your own personal notes or Book of Shadows. I created this site to help educate others and to share the things I have learned, in this life and from others.

Before you read any further, please understand, that it is my personal opinion, that True Witchcraft is an educated balance between the darkness and the light, not fully light nor completely dark, but the many shades and shadows of greyness that reside in between. Because of my opinion you will also discover this is not a fluffy site, but an honest one and an educational one.

This site covers Real Witchcraft, better known as Traditional Witchcraft, but I have plenty of information on the religion of Wicca here as well. I hope the Witch and the Wiccan alike will be able to find informational and thought provoking text on the many pages here.

I have had several sites over the years, but have decided to dedicate my time to maintaining this one. I'll leave some of the others up, and they will have some of the same information as this one does... but this one will be the one most extensive in information and updated most often.

You will find New Here:

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Please feel free to join me at the Wolfpath, my discussion group, which is soon to be SIX years old and still going or you can find me at the Witchgrove a beautiful and very active community.

Many Blessings to you and yours. May you walk gently on this magical earth we have been granted and may you always walk in the light, but know the dark...for we are...Both.
© Copyright 1998 - 2007 All rights reserved by Shewolf Silver Shadows creator of Whispered Wisdom formerly known as The Path of Shewolf
What makes one a witch is not a secret, or magic, nor is it initiation. It is 'something' in the very soul of an individual that makes one a witch. I am a 'Soul Witch'. For the very breath and blood of the earth is woven into my soul, in the past, the present and in the future. In magic we find life, in life we find death. The secret is what lies between darkness and light. May you discover the balance." - -Shewolf Silver Shadows-

Whispered Wisdom was established in late 1998 and was first titled "The Path of Shewolf" but as many things in life tend to change, grow and evolve... so have I as a person as well as spiritually and so has this site grown to reflect my own wisdom and growth.
Do not do what you desire
do what is necessary.
Take all you are given-
give all of yourself.
"What I have---I hold"
When all else is lost, and not until then,
prepare to die with dignity

-Robert Coachrane-