Wiccan Altar Set Up

Your tools are usually arranged upon the altar in a pleasing manner. Generally, the altar is set in the center of the circle facing North. North is the direction of power. However, I have seen that different covens and Wiccan Traditions often set their altars in different places and in different manners, so for this section am just giving a general idea for understanding. Do what works best for YOU! You can be like some Wiccans that place their altars facing East, where the sun and moon rise, or in any other position that feels right or fits the space in which you have to work in.

My first Wiccan altar was done in a small space and my first working space for Withcraft was done in a closet on a built in shelf, in both cases I had no real control over where the space was facing due to limitations on my space. Whew, I am glad those young days are over lol. However, I made due with what I had and it worked well for the time.

Most often, the left half of an altar is usually dedicated to the Goddess. Tools are sacred to or represent feminine aspects. The cup, pentacle, bell, crystal and cauldron are all famine tools. An image of the goddess may also be placed on the left. A broom might be laid against the left side of the altar. You can substitute green, silver or white candles for the Goddess image if you wish, or add both. YOUR ALTAR, your way.

An altar cloth is personal choice. If I am outside, a grand rock or a flat piece of ground is more personal to me. Often inside an altar cloth makes it more formal looking.

The right side emphasizes the God. A red, yellow or gold candle or an appropriate figure, often phallic in manner is suitable for the right side. The censer, wand, Athame and white handled knife often are placed on the right side of the altar.

Flowers may be set in the middle. The censer is often centrally situated so that its smoke is offered to both Goddess and God. And the pentacle might be placed in the center before the censer if you chose.

I often place a bowl of water and a small bowl of salt on my altar, Sea shells for the Goddess or acorns for he God. Get creative, it is your altar. Use what feels right to you!

Wine or water, or fruit juice even, are often in the Chalice on the Goddess side. Bread or cookies or some food offereing are often on the right side.

There are many types of altars that you can set up. A magical working altar may be more in-depth than a ritual working altar. You can set altars up for healing, prayers, dedication and for many other reasons. You may choose to have a permanent one or set one up each time you work.

If you have a permanent one and you need to cover it from others, this is fine, just make sure you don’t cover any smoldering candles or incense! You don’t want a fire! Be safe and let the Lady/Lord Goddess/God know that you mean no disrespect when covering.

Do what you can, and what feels right when it comes to your altar. I know that may sound a little white light, but honestly, religion and spirituality should not be bound by books or websites and by what others tell you it should or should not be. The bottom line it is that religion and or spirituality should always feel right to the person practicing it!

I am working, as time allows, to get this site back to the former glory it was... might never happen honestly, 16 years of info! :(

Warm blessings,
CC Wolfe

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