So, what is magic really? What kinds of magic are there and why do you see magic spelled as magick with a ‘k’ so often? There are many questions about magic, many myths about magic and many theories about magic. I have to be honest with you and tell you now, that I cannot answer all of your question about magic. Why can’t I answer all the questions about magic if I have been a practicing and studying the Craft for over thirty years? Well, hon, honestly I doubt I would have all the answers where magic is concerned if I had been studying for several hundreds of years. Magic is something that is just so hard to actually define and place into one of those neat little categories that we humans seem to want to place everything in.

Also, magic is something that could take lifetimes to learn, there are just so many different kinds of magic and so many different manners and ways to perform magic that it would be difficult to guide or teach about magic on a whole. However, I did teach candle magic for a while, and as time allows I will add some of those lessons here.

What I will share with you here is what I feel is good for a foundation, a good beginning and understanding of magic. I suggest you learn all you can about the things that interest you, if you wish to practice magic then learn about it in as many ways as you can. Books, videos, music, nature, most of all nature, trial and error, but start small and get the feel of it and grasp of magic when learning. You have to crawl before you can walk! I also recommend that you be cautious on what you believe, and what you practice when dealing with magic. There is a lot of good stuff out there, but there is some crap out there as well. You will just have to wade through the bullshit to get to the flowers, so to say. And you will have to personally decide if what I share with you, from my own knowledge is… the bullshit or the rose.

Magic and Magick

Let me address real quickly this magic and magick thing. You know the magic with a “k” on the end, it has become something of a common thing to see when reading and dealing with Wicca or Paganism.  I am under the impression that this came about  to differentiate the difference between real magic -- that of which is used by witches, over illusion magic, like magicians such as David Copperfield or Chris Angel use, also referred to as stage magic. Alesiter Crowley is the first noted to have added the “k” back to magic. There seems to have been an old English spelling of magic with a K.

When you see me talk about magic, you will notice I simply use the word magic without the k, why? Personally, the Magick with the k on it feels a little new age-ish to me, and I think that if you are on a Pagan site and someone is talking about magic that most of my readers will be smart enough to realize what kind of magic I am actually referring too!

So, again, what is magic? Well, ask ten witches and you’ll get ten different answers, ask a hundred and you’ll get a hundred different answers. In my book, I cover several of those different answers. And actually my own answer has changed and evolved over time as I have changed and learned more.  My personal definition of magic is:

Magic is nothing more than the movement or manipulation of energies that are found naturally around us. Energies that have been proven and defined by science, but energy that science may never wholly define as well.  Energy that is in the water we drink the air we breathe and found within the earth we walk and live upon as well as in our own bodies and hearts. Energies that are neither good nor bad, simply energy. It is how those energies are manipulated or used that is either good or bane.

Everything on this planet is made up of energy, an energy that scientist have proven on a vibrational level. Everything vibrates, from a block of wood to a drop of water, everything. The manipulation of those energies, is essentially magic. How we move those energies are basically types of magic. The video link below, is how I think of magic.... and it is a scientific video!!!

Interesting video if you want to take the time to watch it:

What kinds of magic are there?

And actually the list could go on. However, in my personal learning’s and teachings as well, there are truly only two, yes, 2 types of magic. But I just listed over twenty types of magic so how can there only be two? Have you figured out yet this is not your ordinary fru fru site? Okay then… when I teach my students there are two types of magic, Illusion Magic and Magic of Nature. And if you think of it, the illusion magic is not really magic as in my definition of magic, so really there is only ONE kind of magic.

So, what about the list? Look back over the list, it is comprised of honestly how magic is used, i.e. High Magic, Low Magic, White, Black, Gray. By whom it is used by, solitary or coven, or what it is used for healing, protection, and lastly tools used to support magic, sex, angel, crystal knot. In reality, magic is a lot simpler than so many try to make it and a lot less mysterious!

In my book, Shadows of a Witch, for the Witch that Seeks Balance and Truth, I cover all of the above types of supportive magic in a lot more detail. As time allows I will try to either blog them here or add their own page.  But for now, I’ll cover a little more on supportive magic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I cannot stress the fact that magic is neither black nor white – it is the INTENT of the magic user that is light or dark, good or bane, and that is the bottom line. Look at magic like electricity, actually they are a lot alike, both are a pure form of energy… electricity is not good or bad, or evil it is simply electricity. However, you can take electricity and use it for good, to heat or cool your home, cook your food, power your computer, create light to read and work by, all good! Or you can use electricity to kill as in the electric chair! But electricity itself is not good or evil, only how it is used! Honestly magic is the same!  It is the intent of the user that is good or bane.

Okay, with that said, back to supportive magic, what is it? As I said, the types of magic listed previously are only things that describe or support, aid or assist … magic. If you do not have the original intent, then you do not have magic. Magic again, is the manipulation of energies, or vibrations that are all around us. A candle cannot manipulate itself, at least, I have not seen one do so in all my many years of life. A stone cannot aid in healing without being placed on or near the sick or its energy willed to do so. So, you will still need the intent! And it is that intent that is the manipulation or movement of the original or true magic in the first place that causes the affects. It is the intent that takes and shapes the pure energies of magic. Anything and everything else is only an aid a support in the initial magic, hence everything you use to help you focus your intent is supportive magic plain and simple. The different levels of support are actually what are commonly referred to as types of magic, when essentially they are only supportive to the magic. Do they not all in some shape, way or form simply support the original intent – support the original magic?

I will try, as I said, as time allows, adding educational information here on the different types of supportive magic. I have also been asked to again, teach a candle magic course, which I am considering.

For now, I hope this has been helpful and educational. As I have stated I am not the know all end all font of knowledge, but I do stand by all that I share based on my numerous years of study and practice and teaching.

Warm blessings,
CC Wolfe

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