I will add to this page as time allows. But let me give you a simple basic truth that many Witches and Wiccans don't seem to be able to wrap their brain around.

The ONLY tool you truly need for ritual or magic is yourself! If I had to choose one other tool, it would be salt! That is it, plain and simple! But for educational purposes, I will add information on tools I admit, I have used in the past and still will from time to time use.

The tools and trinkets, cool accessories and the clothes of a Witch; the Witchy stuff that sets the path of Witchcraft and the religion of Wicca apart from more mainstream religions. Right? Well, the Witchy tools and stuff may not be as set apart from other paths as you may think. Many of the very same type tools and trinkets of a Witch are found in; you won’t believe this, the Christian religion! Yep it’s true, things like bells, incense burners, the chalice, and even candles are not just part of the more Pagan paths, but are also part of the Christian ritual as well, especially Catholic and Lutheran.
As I stated above, it honestly is my personal belief that you do not need tools, at all! But I also believe that it is good for a balanced Witch or Wiccan to have a working knowledge, a real understanding of the tools of our trade you might say. I also have to admit that most Witches do like to have at least a few accessories of the Craft around, even if they don’t need them. Many Witches do find the necessity for a few tools from time to time, myself included. But remember you do NOT have to have tools to be a competent and balanced practicing or good Witch. You don’t need tools to make magic, and you don’t need the tools to perform magic or ritual but…

Yeah, there was a ‘but’! So, but what? To be honest, tools often do help some practitioners. Why would you need a tool? Well, let’s be honest here - there are some folks that just cannot focus, or stay focused on a situation or thing for any amount of time. And there are others that just cannot seem to get their mind in the right frame to perform magic. So, sometimes the tools and other witch stuff does help. It helps some practitioners focus and to get in the right frame of mind for ritual or magical workings. But then again, so do meditation, ground and visualization help with focus and state of mind as well!  However, until you develop good meditation skills tools may help with focus, and like I said, they are good to know and understand for a balanced Witch.  Again I will state that you don’t have to have the tools or ritual clothing or expensive trinkets to perform powerful magic or to be a Witch or Wiccan. And anyone that tells you have got to have them are just full of… well, shit. Sorry, plain and simple.

Look in my book it takes 21 pages to cover in more detail about the tools most often associated with our path. For now, I will give a listing and a brief description.

Please note: IF you are going to use tools, I highly recommend that they are cleansed and consecrated before you use them. I’ll try to add that info here as soon as possible.

Altar – An altar is a platform or place upon which you set up tools for ritual or magical workings.  Some Witches and Wiccans set up an altar every time for specific purposes, and some have permanent ones.

Altar cloth – the cloth that some will use for placing tools and other items on top of the altar.

Athame/Witch Knife/ Witch Blade – one of the main tools of a Witch or Wiccan in ritual and magic, the Athame, pronounced A-tha-may. This tool is sometimes referred to as a Witch knife or Witch Blade. It is most often a black handled knife, and in Wicca never used as a weapon or to draw blood. (There are always exceptions to the rule) In Witchcraft the Athame or Witch Knife can and is used to draw blood.  This tool is phallic in representation, and considered a male object.  No, not for males, just as the chalice is considered a feminine object, the Athame is considered masculine. It is a tool used to direct energy and earth energy after a ritual or magical working.

Bell – a bell is a bell, it is used by some to call quarters or elements or elementals and to let the elements or elementals know the ritual is at an end. Feminine in nature.

Bolline – a knife that according to Wiccans is often white handled. This knife is sharp and often used for basick cutting of herbs, threads, cords, candles, wet clay or whatever needs cutting. This is not a symbolic knife… simply a working tool.

Book of Shadows – yes, this is a very handy dandy tool! It holds ritual, magical correspondences, spells and other important information.

Broom or Besom – A broom or besom is most often a simple broom. It is used by some withes to literally sweep an area clean of negativity or to symbolically sweep away and clean an area.

Cauldron – it is a fire safe vessel that you can literally set fire to things and drop into it or cook things in.

Candles – I love candles, I mean, what tool can you have that represents all four elements at one time! Fire is of course fire, Water is the melted wax in liquid form, air is the smoke or sent and the candle in solid form can represent earth! HOW cool is that!

Chalice or Cup or Horn – A chalice is a goblet or wine type of glass or simply a cup. It can be ery simple or very decorative. The chalice is a feminine tool. Often used in the symbolic “Great Rite” along with the Athame.

Wand – a wand is another tool that can be used in the same manner as the Athame or Sword or staff even. Wonderful in use for casting circles or directing energies and is something very personal to each individual Witch or Wiccan.

There are many other tools:

Remember to cleanse and consecrate your tools before you use them!  I cover ways to do this in my book using Earth, Air, Fire and Water and moon and sunlight.

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I am working, as time allows, to get this site back to the former glory it was... might never happen honestly, 16 years of info! :(

Warm blessings,
CC Wolfe

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